Why N.V Chemicals?

N.V Chemicals has built preference and credibility as a preferred supplier of chemicals with leading companies not only in Melbourne, but across Australia. This is because we have stayed true to our motto of providing quality cleaning chemicals at an affordable price.

The reason why purchasing cleaning products is a costly exercise for most buyers, is that they purchase a different product for each requirement. This can significantly add up to the overall cost, and can be offset by choosing products that can be used across different cleaning requirements. Not all Melbourne chemical manufacturers would acknowledge this, but it is possible to significantly cut down your costs by using common products for multi-purpose tasks. N.V Chemicals has many versatile products and chemical formulations that can be used for different applications.

Apart from this, there are many other benefits if you opt for our products:

While we cater primarily to commercial customers, our chemicals can also be used for home. You could buy in bulk containers, and get our convenient 1l spray bottle for ease of use.

Areas We Serve:  Australia Wide

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