As a leading manufacturer of cleaning products, we produce and wholesale our cleaning chemicals and products to a range of businesses and wholesalers in bulk. In fact, some of the largest hospitality and food suppliers in Victoria buy cleaning products from us.

We have built customer preference for our quality chemicals across a wide range of industries – including but not limited to Hospitality, Industrial, Automotive and Hygiene industries.

We have a wide range of our own chemical formulations, all of which are manufactured locally in our 1000 sq/m factory in Coolaroo, and are in the process of building another manufacturing facility in the vicinity to meet increased demand. All of our chemicals are manufactured in an ISO accredited management plan, which is a testimony to the quality of our products. We are proud to share that 60% of our cleaning chemicals are biodegradable and septic safe, and our laundry powders are phosphate free.

Apart from our existing product formulations, we also have the capacity to customize specialty items for different businesses, and supply in different SKUs as required.

We are now looking to expand our footprint in the country, and for this, wish to partner with distributers of private label cleaning products in Australia. We already have hundreds of resellers around Australia, but we are always happy for more.

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We service the below wholesale industries:

  • Hospitality Supplies
  • Food Service Companies
  • Industrial Supplies
  • Cleaning Supplies and more

We supply our chemicals in the below pallet quantities:

  • 5lt – 150 x 5lt bottles
  • 5kgs – 125 x 5kg pails
  • 10lt – 75 x 10lt drums
  • 15lt – 48 x 15lt drums
  • 20lt – 32-48 drums (depending on product)
  • 25lt – 32 x 25lt drums

*All liquids are available in 1000lt IBC’s

If you would like to build a successful and profitable partner with a reputed brand of cleaning products manufacturer, we invite you to become a distributor. You could fill up the form below and someone from our team will get in touch with you.

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