Best Car Cleaning Products

Discover the Best Car Cleaning Products


In the world of automotive maintenance, the quality of your car cleaning products can make a world of difference. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or simply looking to keep your vehicle in pristine condition, using the right cleaning products is crucial. At NV Chemicals, we have stayed true to our motto of providing quality car cleaning products at an affordable price. Next, we will introduce our company car cleaning producs.

1. Premium Car Detergent

Car Wash n’ Shine


Product Code: NV005LTCWS, NV020LTCWS
High foaming, free rinsing, neutral detergent for washing cars, coaches, tankers and food transport vehicles. Wash n Shine drip dries and does not affect duco and improves the shine of silicon polished cars.

What Sets Our Car Detergent Apart?

Our premium car Detergent is formulated with cutting-edge technology to provide a deep clean without compromising your car’s paintwork. Unlike ordinary detergent , ours is neutral to ensure that it doesn’t strip away your car’s wax or sealant. In addition, our detergent drip dries and does not affect duco and improves the shine of silicon polished cars.

2. High-Quality Car Wash Sponge

Why Choose Our Car Wash Sponge?

Our sponge are engineered for maximum  softness, ensuring a scratch-free and lint-free cleaning experience.Besides,Our Car wash Sponges are made to withstand hundreds of car washes and able to hold in as much moisture as possible so that you can wash your car properly.

3. Car Deodoriser/Air Freshener

Car Deodoriser/Air Freshener


Product Code: NV005LTAF, NV025LTAF
A blend of fragrances together with methylated spirits makes a very powerful, effective and long lasting. All – Purpose deodoriser and Air Freshener.

Keep Your Space Fresh & Fragrant

Our Car deodoriser and Air Freshener is all-purpose. It includes a blend of fragrances together with methylated spirits,  which makes a very powerful effective and long lasting. By using our products can provide a driving space that feels clean, fresh and pleasant for you.


    Maintaining the appearance of your car has never been easier with our range of high-quality car cleaning products. With a commitment to excellence and an unwavering focus on quality, NV Chemicals ensures that your vehicle gets the care it deserves.

    In addition, as a car cleaning products supplier, we are committed to provide exceptional customer service and support to all our customers. We offer a full replacement warranty on any product, if found defective.

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