Linga Longa

For pleasant fragrances that linger for longer

Indoor spaces can sometimes trap stubborn odours, even after being well cleaned and sanitized. These can ruin the experience of those who visit or work in the space, and can also have a negative impact on the perception of the place. However, this is now easy to change, with NV Chemicals’ Linga Longa.

Linga Longa is not only a cleaner and disinfectant, but an extremely powerful air freshener and re-odoriser. It can make any indoor space smell heavenly and fresh, with the slow release of ‘feel good’ fragrances, that can linger on for a long time to come. This industrial grade cleaner and re-odoriser not only cleans and sanitizes, but also leaves behind a mild and pleasant fragrance.

Linga Longa is also pretty versatile, and has multiple use cases. You could spray it around your office, lobby, toilets and bathrooms as well as use it on your carpets, sofas, beddings, floors and more. This pH neutral chemical is safe for the environment, safe to use. Made with a blend of ethanol, high performance surfactants and water, and available in different fragrances, this is a multi-purpose chemical that can prove in very handy for the hospitality industry.

It has been scientifically proven that good fragrances promote good mood, and can also enhance focus and productivity, and Linga Longa allows you to see this for yourself. If you are looking for customized packaging or fragrances, we invite you to share your requirements with us, over email or call.

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