Automobile Chemicals

Automobile Chemicals

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Alum Bright (Alumium Cleaner)


Alum-Bright cleans and brightens even the most tarnished Aluminium.
Can also be used as a very effective Mag Wheel Cleaner for car detailing.

Commonly used for cleaning alloy and magnesium around motors, wheels, utility trays, etc.

Contains Hydrofluoric Acid.

Big Rig Truck Wash


Product Code: NV005LTBRTW, NV025LTBRTW
Is a foaming spray on wash off product for truck and trailer washing. Removes heavy road grime, oil, dirt and soil without leaving streaks or residue. Contains rust inhibitors for lasting metal protection.

Car Deodoriser/Air Freshener


Product Code: NV005LTAF, NV025LTAF
A blend of fragrances together with methylated spirits makes a very powerful, effective and long lasting. All – Purpose deodoriser and Air Freshener.

Car Wash n’ Shine


Product Code: NV005LTCWS, NV020LTCWS
High foaming, free rinsing, neutral detergent for washing cars, coaches, tankers and food transport vehicles. Wash n Shine drip dries and does not affect duco and improves the shine of silicon polished cars.

DC-108 Dashboard Polish Vinyl (Flash Dash)


DC-108 Dashboard Polish Vinyl (Flash Dash)

Leather Rubber Shine Wax Protection Cleaner for Car Interior.

Vinyl Leather Rubber Cleaner Shine Coat Protection with pleasant vanilla fragrance

550ml Spray Can (12 cans per box)

Degreasing Oil


Product Code: NV005LTDO, NV025LTDO
Solvent based degreaser which provides the perfect solution to remove oil grease dirt loose particles and any other contaminates that may exist on the surface of the material. Characteristics: cleans almost all electronic assemblies, electrical components and almost all metals.

FARECLA G3 3KG Cutting Compound Paste

G3 Regular Grade Paste Compound is recommended for use on OEM and refinish paint systems. This versatile product can be used by hand or machine. Use with a G Mop 6” Wet Use Compounding Foam (GMC606) for ease of use and low splatter.
  • Reliable Cut – Removes P1500 or finer abrasive marks quickly and easily
  • Permanent Finish – Contains no fillers so scratch marks will not reappear
  • High Gloss System – Excellent gloss. Can be used with G3 Fine Finishing Compound for an enhanced gloss finish on dark colours
  • Silicone Free – 100% paintshop safe

Hot Stripper – Red Dirt Remover


NV HOT STRIPPER is a heavy duty remover of mineral salts and red dirt from painted surfaces to brighten and clean all metal surfaces after being exposed to many different mineral salts and red dirt stains.

Best used for Car dealerships, car detailers, Auction Houses, Construction companies and councils to help keep their vehicles in good condition as it may suffer due to the exposure to the red dirt whilst travelling.

Metpol Vinyl Rejuvenator


Product Code: NV005LTM, NV020LTM
Vinyl rejuvenator and protector which beautifies, cleans and restores all vinyl and leather upholstery in cars, trucks and buses bringing all the trims to life. Also use on vinyl and leather furniture, luggage, shoes and sporting equipment, guarding against cracking and becoming dull.



PREPWASH is used as a solvent for cleaning off oil, grease, tar, bugs and road film from soft and hard surfaces. Cleans dust, finger marks and silicone which can cause defects in refinishing. Prepares surface for painting.

Seal n’ Shine


Product Code: NV005LTSNS, NV020LTSNS
Contains a specifically formulated wax to restore the natural tyre sheen. Easy to apply and when dry is water resistant providing a black coating which protects the tyres.

Solkleen Red


Product Code: NV005LTSR, NV025LTSR
Multi-purpose solvent based cleaner. Cleans all washable surfaces instantly. Removes stubborn soils, foods and fats. Non Caustic degreaser.

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