Bathroom Products

Bathroom Products

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Oil Based Massage Oil


Massage Oils can be most effectively used to help loosen muscles and ease the pain of muscle tension. Enriched with soothing oils and is great for the skin

Porto San


Product Code: NV005LTPS, NV025LTPS
Porto San assists in the prevention of bad odours in your portable toilet.

Rosche 2 ply jumbo toilet paper Classic 300m Poly bag


Rosche 2ply Jumbo is made of quality virgin paper and 2ply Jumbo is the most convenient way to use toilet paper in high traffic areas with a high turnover of people such as gyms, shopping centres and stadiums. With larger rolls measured 300m in length, it makes things easier for cleaners to turnover and change rolls compared to standard sized toilet paper rolls.

Pallet prices are available upon request

Units per Ctn 8
Ctn / Layer 8
Ctn / Pallet 48

Rosche Urinal Wave Pads


Need something to help with the smells of urinals? Try Rosche Urinal Wave pads today.

  • More freshness, 10 times more fragrance for 30 days.
  • Eliminates odors, reduces splash back and gradually releases fragrance, cutting cleaning time by up to 50%
  • Fragrance (Melon, Blue Cotton Candy, Lemon)
  • Available in 40-50g (25 Per box)

Safe N Clean


Product Code: NV005LTSNC, NV025LTSNC
A high performance blend of detergents and selected solvents makes a unique all purpose cleaner. Use it as a spray -n – wipe cleaner, as a degreaser on hard surfaces, mop tile floors, ceilings, walls, stainless steel, use with pressure cleaners etc.

Sanitising Gel


Eliminate germs from spreading with Sanitising Gel. It kills 99% of bacteria and leaves your hands smelling fresh and feeling clean. Mainly useful for those times you go shopping or to public concentrated areas where germs are easily spread.

Australian Made 70% Ethanol Hand Sanitiser

Scouring Powder


Product Code: NV005KGGSP, NV020KGSP
This product is a very fine abrasive powder used for minimum scratching when cleaning sinks, baths etc.

Sugar Soap Liquid


Product Code: NV005LTSSL, NV025LTSSL
Sugar Soap Liquid is safe to use on most washable surfaces without scratching.

Sweet Lu


Product Code: NV012SWL
Automatic toilet bowl cleanser/sanitiser specifically formulated for urinals or for where blue coloured water is not desired. Simple to install inside cistern.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner


Product Code: NV005LTTBC, NV025LTTBC
Mild acid based toilet bowl cleaner with ‘High Cling’ properties for cleaning urinals, toilet bowls, shower areas, wash basins and baths.

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