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500ml Hand Sanitiser Gel


Eliminate germs from spreading with Sanitising Gel. It kills 99% of bacteria and leaves your hands smelling fresh and feeling clean. Mainly useful for those times you go shopping or to public concentrated areas where germs are easily spread.

Australian Made 70% Ethanol Hand Sanitiser



Product Code: NV005KGADP, NV020KGADP
Chlorinated machine dishwashing powder with inbuilt rinse additive, removes fats, lipsticks, tea and coffee stains from dishware, glasses and cutlery. Can also be used as a pre-soak and de-stainer.

Automatic Dishwashing Detergent


Product Code: NV005LTADD, NV025LTADD
Heavy Duty alkaline detergent formulated to remove soilage, grease and tannin from dishes, crockery and cutlery, in all types of commercial dishwashing machines.

*250 g/l potassium hydroxide

Beer Line Cleaner


Product Code: NV005LTBLC, NV025LTBLC
Liquid beer line cleaner for cleaning beer lines, pipes, cooling units and drawing equipment. Effectively removes beer stains, scale and inorganic deposits.

Chemical Tap in a Cap


A drum tap in a cap is a convenient must have when you purchase 10L – 25L containers, such as ones that hold chemicals. The Tap in a cap will make it easier to dispense these chemicals that you purchase. It is a simple tool and can be reused for different drums.

Get one today to take out the hassle of pouring chemicals into smaller bottles and making your bulk buying easier.

  • Heavy Duty Plastic
  • Fits 10L, 15L, 20L & 25L Drums

Cling Wrap 600m x 33cm


A perfect cling wrap solution for all foodservice wrapping applications. Easy to use slide cutter included with every roll. Available in 2 sizes – 33cm & 45cm


Cling Wrap 600m x 45cm


A perfect cling wrap solution for all foodservice wrapping applications. Easy to use slide cutter included with every roll. Available in 2 sizes – 33cm & 45cm


Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid


All purpose biodegradable detergent for use in soft or hard water. All purpose biodegradable manual dishwashing detergent for use in soft or hard water.
*Available in lemon & mint



Product Code: NV005LTDS, NV025LTDS
Phosphoric acid based cleaner, for the removal of scale, rust and fats from meat hooks-slides-gambrels. etc.

Food Sanitiser


Product Code: NV005LTFS, NV025LTFS
A food preparation area sanitiser which combines the ability to sanitise and clean in food areas to remove unhealthy bacteria from lingering around. It has been chemically formulated to kill many types of bacteria including e-coli and salmonella.

Glass Cleaner


Product Code: NV005LTGC, NV025LTGC
Highly concentrated liquid glass cleaner washing detergent. Suitable for use in all makes and models of glass wash machinery.

Hospital Grade Disinfectant


Hospital Grade Disinfectant:

With a large range of fragrances available, our Hospital Grade Disinfectant will leave your home or office smelling heavenly and looking bright and clean.

Manufactured in Melbourne from a high concentrate of Cleaning Agents, this Disinfectant cleans and deodorises most surfaces and removes grime and dirt from the surface eliminating bacteria.

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Kitchen Cleaning Chemicals That Work Wonders!

Whether you own a restaurant or a delivery kitchen, ultimate hygiene and cleanliness is something that should never be compromised. It is a known fact that a sparkling clean kitchen not only wins hearts, but also boosts staff productivity.

With our wide range of restaurant chemicals, you can now keep your surroundings germ and grime free in all possible ways. Be it your kitchen tops, floors, walls, or any other surface area, we have the perfect kitchen cleaning chemicals that will help you keep your spaces shining bright and completely safe. NV Chemicals has been manufacturing quality cleaning chemicals for over two decades now, and that is how we always know what is best for you.

All of our products meet professional cleaning parameters. They are formulated keeping in mind world-class research and the need of the hour. What’s more? All of our cleaning chemicals turn up in the market after monitored processing in our registered ISO 9001 accredited plant. You can now enjoy the advantage of our high quality restaurant chemical through customised order or bulk purchases in an SKU convenient to you. We are now available at (03) 9351-1077 between 9am – 6pm from Monday to Friday.

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