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Alum Bright (Alumium Cleaner)


Alum-Bright cleans and brightens even the most tarnished Aluminium.
Can also be used as a very effective Mag Wheel Cleaner for car detailing.

Commonly used for cleaning alloy and magnesium around motors, wheels, utility trays, etc.

Contains Hydrofluoric Acid.

Car Wash n’ Shine


Product Code: NV005LTCWS, NV020LTCWS
High foaming, free rinsing, neutral detergent for washing cars, coaches, tankers and food transport vehicles. Wash n Shine drip dries and does not affect duco and improves the shine of silicon polished cars.

Metpol Vinyl Rejuvenator


Product Code: NV005LTM, NV020LTM
Vinyl rejuvenator and protector which beautifies, cleans and restores all vinyl and leather upholstery in cars, trucks and buses bringing all the trims to life. Also use on vinyl and leather furniture, luggage, shoes and sporting equipment, guarding against cracking and becoming dull.

Seal & Shine (Tyre Shine)


Product Code: NV005LTSNS, NV020LTSNS
Contains a specifically formulated wax to restore the natural tyre sheen. Easy to apply and when dry is water resistant providing a black coating which protects the tyres.

Truck Wash


Product Code: NV005LTTW, NV025LTTW
Is a spray on wash off product for truck and trailer washing. Removes heavy road grime, oil, dirt and soil without leaving streaks or residue. Contains rust inhibitors for lasting metal protection.

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