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Beer Line Cleaner


Product Code: NV005LTBLC, NV025LTBLC
Liquid beer line cleaner for cleaning beer lines, pipes, cooling units and drawing equipment. Effectively removes beer stains, scale and inorganic deposits.

Citra Clean


Product Code: NV005LTCC, NV025LTCC
Natural citrus based cleaning solvent. Ideal for use in the removal of soap and body fat from showers and baths. Removes scuff marks, crayon, grease, oil, tar, adhesives and cooking fat from most hard surfaces. Also suitable for cleaning stainless steel.



Product Code: NV005LTDS, NV025LTDS
Phosphoric acid based cleaner, for the removal of scale, rust and fats from meat hooks-slides-gambrels. etc.

Glue Remover


Product Code: NV005LTGLUR, NV025LTGLUR
Glue Remover is a hydrocarbon based product which is ideal for removing glue from all types of surfaces.

Porto San


Product Code: NV005LTPS, NV025LTPS
Porto San assists in the prevention of bad odours in your portable toilet.

Safe N Clean


Product Code: NV005LTSNC, NV025LTSNC
A high performance blend of detergents and selected solvents makes a unique all purpose cleaner. Use it as a spray -n – wipe cleaner, as a degreaser on hard surfaces, mop tile floors, ceilings, walls, stainless steel, use with pressure cleaners etc.

Sani-Cafe Coffee Machine Cleaner


Product Code: NV005GCMC
Sani-Cafe has been uniquely formulated to ensure your Espresso Machine produces the finest tasting coffee. Can also be used for the cleaning of porta-filter handles, filters, teapots, cups, saucers and cutlery.

Steam Cleaning Liquid


Product Code: NV005LTSCL, NV025LTSCL
Steam Cleaning Liquid is a powerful liquid detergent designed for use with hot water extraction machines. Also suitable for use in general cleaning of wool or synthetic fibre carpets.

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