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Concentrated Floor Cleaner (Floral/Citrus)


Product Code: NV005LTCFC, NV025LTCFC
Concentrated Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner works hard at removing grease and grime from floors. Is best suited for all floor types including Butchers shops, Fish n Chips shops and contract cleaning.

Graffiti Remover


Product Code: NV005LTGR, NV025LTGR
A concentrated blend of hydrocarbons, surfactants and speciality solvents designed for the quick and easy removal of graffiti from brickwork, concrete and metallic surfaces.



Product Code: NV005LTHDC, NV025LTHDC
HDC is a heavy duty cleaner containing sodium hydroxide which removes grease, oil and fats from walls, floors, utensils and equipment, as well as interiors of food transport vehicles. Ideal on concrete and machine soap floors. HDC dissolves completely in water and is ideal for use in high pressure washing equipment.



Product Code: NV005LTNC, NV025LTNC
Neutraclean is a concentrated Neutral Floor Cleaner designed for cleaning of all commercial and domestic floor surfaces. It contains surfactants that emulsify greasy soils and hold them in suspension without redepositing over other areas of the floor or surface being cleaned. It is ideal to use on polished, marble, and terrazzo floors. It is safe to use on all surfaces, from vinyl to linoleum, slate, terrazzo, marble, sealed timber floors etc is suitable for use with either with Auto Scrubbers or manual cleaning methods.



Product Code: NV005LTR, NV025LTR
REVIVE is a neutral floor cleaner and gloss restorer used to improve the appearance of polished floors that have a high volume of traffic.
It quickly and easily removes scuff marks, surface scratches, ground in dirt, black hell marks and most important produces a brilliant gloss on the floor.
REVIVE can be used as cleaner, and as a polish rejuvenate or when applied using the mop and bucket method or through an automatic scrubber.

Solkleen Red (Non-Caustic Degreaser)


Product Code: NV005LTSR, NV025LTSR
Multi-purpose solvent based cleaner. Cleans all washable surfaces instantly. Removes stubborn soils, foods and fats. Non Caustic degreaser.

Superstrip Floor Stripper


Product Code: NV005LTSFS, NV025LTSFS
Ammoniated heavy duty, fast acting water based stripper designed for removing crosslink floor polishes from vinyl, linoleum, rubber and terrazzo floors.

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