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1200ml Free Standing Sanitising Dispenser


Sensor Operated Dispenser and Floor Mount

Includes Drip Tray to reduce floor spillage

Sturdy Floor Mount

$242.00 $169.95 30% Off

1lt Chemical Trigger Bottle


Australian Made 1lt Spray Bottle is suitable for a variety of purposes around your house or office. The adjustable spray nozzle provides a wide or narrow spray pattern, perfect for cleaning solutions or to simply water your plants.

Best used alongside with the black chemical triggers.

3 Ply Disposable Medical Mask


3 Ply Disposable Medical Mask

  • Highest Bacterial Filter Efficiency (>98%)
  • Easy Breathing
  • Earloop for easy and perfect fitting
  • Minimized contamination from inhaled Microorganisms

500ml Hand Sanitiser Gel


Eliminate germs from spreading with Sanitising Gel. It kills 99% of bacteria and leaves your hands smelling fresh and feeling clean. Mainly useful for those times you go shopping or to public concentrated areas where germs are easily spread.

Australian Made 70% Ethanol Hand Sanitiser

5lt Jerry Can


5LT Empty Jerry Can

Australian Made

Alum Bright (Alumium Cleaner)


Alum-Bright cleans and brightens even the most tarnished Aluminium.
Can also be used as a very effective Mag Wheel Cleaner for car detailing.

Commonly used for cleaning alloy and magnesium around motors, wheels, utility trays, etc.

Contains Hydrofluoric Acid.

Ammoniated Floor Cleaner


Product Code: NV005LTAFC, NV025LTAFC
Ammoniated general all purpose cleaner, suitable in soft, hard and sea water. For the cleaning of floors, walls and windows.


Anti-Bacterial Liquid Hand Soap


Product Code: NV005LTHSAB, NV025LTHSAB
Anti-Bacterial Liquid Hand Soap is a natural, odourless, germicidal liquid hand cleaner. It cleans, softens and protects skin against cracking and drying. Designed for use in food preparation areas through liquid dispensers.

*Contains no animal fat



Product Code: NV005KGADP, NV020KGADP
Chlorinated machine dishwashing powder with inbuilt rinse additive, removes fats, lipsticks, tea and coffee stains from dishware, glasses and cutlery. Can also be used as a pre-soak and de-stainer.

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